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Trick Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace SM-J111F Without PC WORK 100%


Are you having problems locking your frp or verifying your google account on your samsung j1 ace?  Is it because you originally wanted to reset your phone data, but instead your Google account was locked and you forgot the password and even the account?  Don't worry because I have a surefire solution to bypass the google account verification and it has been proven to work.

Factory Reset Protection or known as FRP is a security system that is applied to Android version 5.0 or lollipop and above, the point is to protect Android devices, because when you reset the phone it will ask for Google email confirmation that was previously synced on the cellphone.

But what if we forget our cellphone pattern/password which requires us to do a factory reset and in the end we ourselves also forget the email account along with the password, it must be a headache, right?

But don't worry, I will share easy tips on how to bypass FRP or bypass FRP lock accounts on Samsung J1 Ace, okay, let's just follow the tutorial:

1. First, we prepare and turn on the J1 ace cellphone and try to have more than 60% battery, if the battery is in a state of drop, you can do it while charging.

2. Connect the mobile internet connection with wifi.

3. Then press next/next as shown on the phone in the lower right corner, click next-next and you will arrive at the google account login option.

4. Then press the home button 3 times until the Talkback Active notification appears.

5. Then touch on the screen in an L shape until the Talkback settings pop up appears.

6. Then select the Talkback setting by touching with two fingers, it will automatically proceed to the next option.

7. Then disable talkback by touching the home button 3x, then select the option at the bottom of the Terms of Service and select Google Chrome.

8. Then we will be directed to google, then search for and download Google Account Manager and install it, usually it will be directed to unknown source permission settings, just check it.

9. Then download Quick shortcut maker version 2.4.0 install and open it, search for Google Account Manager (type Email and Password) then click it.

10. CLICK Try on the next option.

11. Then we will be directed to the screen retype password.  Just ignore it and select the 3 dots option in the top right corner click Enter Browser, click OK.

12. The next step is to enter a new google email.

13. Then restart the phone.

14. when the phone is turned on again, register the next-next-next cell phone and enter the google account that you just logged in.

15. Done, set up to the main display menu.

Do one by one tutorial patiently, OK, that's enough from me, hopefully it's useful.

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