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Fingerprint sensor not working on Oppo Fix it now

Is your oppo cellphone currently experiencing a fingerprint error problem or fingerprint not working?  Don't go anywhere because I have a powerful solution to deal with fingerprints not working on Oppo cellphones guaranteed to work 100%.

The fingerprint sensor feature or fingerprint feature is mostly available on every smartphone that functions as personal data protection on cellphones from irresponsible watches.

But sometimes this feature also experiences problems such as errors or doesn't work properly.  But don't worry if you have a problem like this, I have a perfect solution to solve the fingerprint error problem on oppo cellphones, and it has been proven in several types such as Oppo f9, Oppo F5, Oppo f7, Oppo f3/f3 plus, Oppo A5S, Oppo a3s  , Oppo a59, Oppo a57, Oppo Reno 2f, Oppo Reno 4, Oppo Reno 5, Oppo A7 and others.

Then what are the tips Let's look at the following tutorial.

1. Restart the cellphone

The first way is to restart the cellphone, namely by temporarily turning it off and then turning it back on because usually the cellphone hangs.

2. Clean fingerprints

The second way is to clean your finger, either with water or with a wet tissue, then dry it, then try using your finger as usual.

Because usually apart from being dirty, fingers that are wet with water or sweat cannot be read by fingerprints.  Fingers that are too dry or wrinkled because they are exposed to water cannot be read by the fingerprint sensor.

3. Clean fingerprints

The third way is to clean the sensor on the fingerprint itself because usually a dirty or wet sensor is also the cause of the malfunction of the fingerprint sensor feature itself, for how to clean it, you can clean it with water or wet tissue, then dry it and the fingerprint feature is ready  reused.

4. Remove trash

The fourth way is by deleting junk files or wiping cache on mobile devices, there are two ways to delete them, namely by deleting junk files in the application in settings and the second way is via recovery mode.

5. Wipe Data

The fifth step is by using web data or doing a factory reset on an Oppo cellphone, that is, you can go through settings and via recovery mode, but before doing this method you should think about it first because all data will be erased or files can be differentiated first on the memory card.

6. Fingerprint connector

The sixth way is to check the fingerprint connector on the cellphone, of course this method usually requires disassembling the back casing of the Oppo HP because usually the connector or cable on the fingerprint is disconnected or dirty. The way to fix this is by cleaning or replacing the connector.


The final method is to check all the hardware, usually there are components that experience a short or a short circuit, but this method usually can only be done by a repairman, if you can't do it, you can take it to the nearest HP repairman.

So, that was the tutorial on how to deal with fingerprints or fingerprint features that don't work on HP Oppo, I hope this is useful and hopefully can help. Good luck.

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