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Tips for Overcoming HP Oppo A96 Forgot Pattern and Password WORK 100%

Forgetting passwords, patterns, pins or passwords on the Oppo A96 has been a frequent occurrence lately, for those who don't know how to fix it, I will share a tutorial on how to overcome forgotten patterns or passwords on the Oppo A96 cellphone without a PC guaranteed to work 100%.

Currently, the use of pattern locks or passwords on every cellphone is a very reasonable thing, the benefit is to maintain confidentiality and provide security for data or personal files on cell phones.

However, due to the frequent change of pattern or password locks, it is not uncommon for cell phone owners to forget the pattern or password lock, which in turn makes it a hassle for us, like the Oppo A96 cell phone user.

 If this happens to you, don't worry or get confused, because Andro's friends have a powerful way to overcome them.

To open the HP Oppo A96 which is locked by a pattern or password without a PC/computer, we need to do a hard reset of the Oppo A96 via recovery mode, how do we see the tutorial below:

How to Hard reset HP Oppo A96 Forgot Password or Pattern Via Recovery Mode WORK 100%

 - The first step is to turn off the HP Oppo A96.

 - Next, when the cellphone is turned off, press and hold the Volume Down + Power button simultaneously.

 - Hold down the two buttons until the Oppo logo appears, then release the two buttons.

 - when the HP Oppo A96 enters recovery mode, please select the language "English".

 - After that select "Wipe data".

 - Next select "Format data", then enter the verification code shown on the screen to continue the Oppo A96 hard reset action.

 - when the notification "All user data will be reset" appears.

 - Then click "Format" to reset.

 - Wait until the data wiping process runs until it's finished and a notification "Wiped successfully" appears.

 - Then click "OK", and the HP Oppo A96 will enter the boot process.

 - Wait 5-8 minutes and the HP oppo A96 will automatically enter the initial setup display.

So up here, the process of removing the PIN, Pattern or screen lock password is complete.  All that remains is to do the initial settings, such as language, network, region settings, such as making settings when buying a new cell phone for the first time.

When you arrive at the Google account login, enter the Google account that was previously used on the cellphone, but if you forget your Google account and password, please read the tutorial on how to bypass the Google account lock or bypass frp oppo A96.

Okay, that was an easy and effective tutorial for dealing with Oppo A96, forgot pattern or password without a PC, good luck and good luck.

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